Required Information

Number of cells required

Before performing cell sorting it is necessary to know the percentage of cells of interest within the total population. This information is obtained from the preliminary analysis by flow cytometry, whether you did it in your cytometer or in our Unit. For example, and in theory, if you require 1 x 105 cells of a particular type and these are present in a proportion of 10% of the total population, then you need to start with at least 1 x 106 cells. If your target population represents 1% of the total population, then you need to start with 10 times more cells, i.e. 1 x 107 cells to obtain 1 x 105 cells.

However, you should consider that during cell sorting occurs what is called "sampling abortions" that produce some loss of the cells of interest.

Moreover, the Cell Sorter requires that samples be filtered before passing through the device, resulting in an additional loss of cells. As a general rule always start with twice the number of cells that you really need. This way you will not be disappointed with the result. Either way we will help you to decide what is best for your samples.